Medication Reviews

It is important to review medication regularly to make sure it is appropriate for you. Each individual varies biologically which means different medications suit different people better. By having medication reviews we can help make sure you are benefiting well from your medicine. The GP may not always need to see you but you might need a blood test, BP check or other tests to ensure the medication is still working effectively.

Over the past 12 months we have devised a new system for managing medication reviews to ensure patients are reviewed at least annually or in a time period advised by the GP. A member of the Patient Services Team will make contact with you via phone call, text message or email to advise when your review is due and what tests are required. In some instances on reviewing your clinical record  the GP may be able to update your review date without any intervention but if you are concerned you haven’t been invited in please contact a member of the Patient Services Team and they can advise on when your review is due.

It is very important that you attend reviews so we can make sure your repeat medication requests can continue to be provided by your chosen Chemist.