Anxiety and Depression

Talkworks are an organisation designed to work with people experiencing a mild to moderate mental health problem. We want to see people at an early opportunity in order to stop things getting more severe. We work with the following: depression, panic attacks, obsessive compulsive disorder, anxiety, excessive worry, health anxiety, social anxiety, specific phobias (dentists, animals etc), post-traumatic stress disorder, agoraphobia, people with long-term physical health conditions who are finding this is affecting their moor, stress, sleep problems and more. We offer support in a variety of ways including face-to-face, telephone, online and group work. We offer predominantly cognitive behavioural therapy (not counselling), but have other types of therapy available too depending on a person’s need. If someone isn’t sure they are bad enough it is much better to be seen for an assessment so we can help you decide and show you what we offer. Here is a link to our website so you can have a look: GP’s and other professionals can refer to our service, but it is also easy to refer yourself, just by calling our central number or filling in the form online.