Lyn Health Patient Participation Group (PPG) Survey 2023

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90 responses were submitted for this survey which took place from the last PPG meeting in May through to the 31st July 2023.  Advertised on Facebook, members passed out forms to the community and also forms available from reception at the Health Centre.  This figure is low in comparison to the Friends and Family Feedback survey conducted each month when we have responses from approximately 150 patients per month who have had appointments.

Also added were via Doctor 1 and Lloyds Direct 1

Practice response: – All that provided contact details wanting more information about the PPG have been passed to secretary Andrew White to make contact.

What do you feel are things we could improve upon?  47 responses

More staff for you.  At least an extra GP and Patient advisor
Very good, Thank you
General health knowledge of the community.  A “Myth Buster” information on the NHS in the general NHS and our Lyn Health Community
Change music on phone
Better reception staff, that are polite with patients, more doctors and a full time female doctor would be appreciated.
I would like to see the same doctor who diagnosed my illnesses rather than a different doctor every time.  There is not only no continuity, but the short stay doctors have no previous experience of my illnesses.
I find using the practice very easy, perhaps more appointments Saturday morning for those who work full time.
Asking a doctor to get back to us if we have a query, very often the questions get forgotten and no call back is made.
the first part of a phone call !
Availability of appointments with designated GP
Recruit another Band 5 District Nurse. Increase the availability of GPs, although I know this is a national problem rather than a local one.
Comparing you to my previous practice, I really don’t think you could do better.  The staff are all really helpful and friendly and treat me as a person and not just a number.  Keep up the great work you do in the community.
Telephony system.
Being able to see a doctor not have to talk on telephone
You should have the news playing on the tele, and have a more warm welcoming
The health centre was 100% better before it was rebuilt and destroyed
Nothing comes to mind.
To have a physiotherapist, An anxiety management group, Maybe more support groups if needed. perhaps we could youse Elle the pet therapist dog
To be able to see your own doctor in person who knows my medical history and lifestyle
The practice used to be excellent when I first moved here in 2003 but after covid 19 it has become unfit for purpose.  The reception team are always helpful but trying to get an appointment is difficult especially face to face.  I don’t have much confidence in the current doctors.
I would prefer to see the doctor rather than a chat on the phone
Just the waiting times for blood tests even at 8.30am they run late
Virtually everything
Find some doctors
It would be good to see a doctor face to face once in a while, Receptionists are good but they are not a doctor, As a man I don’t want to share personal intermate issues with them.
I would like to see the doctor in person not have a telephone conversation, I would rather not give so many details about the reason I want to see the doctor, I would like more information on when and how I could have a PSA blood test, I am 74 years old.
Don’t know they seem caring
NHS Chiropody and dopler tests reinstated – Practice response – this has been back in place since COVID restrictions were lifted.
Not sure
Face to face consultations, comments mad when making repeat prescription being acted upon and or followed up. Punctuality of the nurse appointments
Perhaps provide a further survey when the somewhat seismic changes have taken place.
Consistency in seeing same GP is important, lack of hours by GP makes this impossible resulting in time wasted by explaining history/symptoms again.  Relationship with same GP is most important. Pre amble on telephone is awful, needs to be shorter recording and better tone of voice.
It is time consuming and often difficult to get to speak to a receptionist.  There are many buttons to listen to and then hopefully the correct one is pressed!  I have waited up to 25 mins at times to try and make an appointment.
I’m worried about the current situation. Makes me feel concerned about the future of the practice/the level of friendly care
I know impossible but more GP time!
Some of the receptionist can be so very helpful one almost always seems quite sharp and can come across very rude it’s a shame cause the rest of the team always go out of there way to help and if something can’t be answered they always get back to us.
No suggestions.
Slightly better communication but am aware GP shortage makes for occasional problems.
To reopen the weekend minor injury unit.
Easier access to a doctor
You are fine just as you are.
I would like to speak to a GP and not go back and forth through the receptionist. GPs should offer video calls instead of telephone calls. For baby patients the visual clues of a conversation are missed through telephone consult. It’s so difficult to get an appointment. People are not seeing help when they should and are dying.
Seeing a doctor face to face would be nice and getting an appointment within a week not 3 weeks ahead.  I feel the practice is still working in COVID times.  We also need a female GP. 

Common themes: (Practice responses in RED)

  • Telephone System – See Myth Buster for response.
  • Not being able to see a Doctor – See Myth Buster for response.  We have also attempted to recruit a female GP at the practice without success.
  • More staff required – Unfortunately we are a small practice and therefore our budgets and income do not allow us to recruit any further staff, clinical or non-clinical.
  • MIS & Nursing Team – We are unable to comment on this as this is run and managed by the Royal Devon University Healthcare Trust. However, they will also be given a copy of these survey results and comments.