Meeting Agendas

Agenda for the Patient Group Meeting

Thursday 16th April 2015 at 1.00pm

Lynton Resource Centre.


  1. Minutes of Previous Meeting
  2. Matters Arising

3.1                Accessing Doctors’ Appointments Feedback

3.2                Repeat Request System Feedback

  1. AGM Date
  2. Annual Patient Group Report
  3. Communication Channels
  4. Suggestions for Guest Speakers
  5. Any Other Business
  6. Date of Next Meeting


Minutes of the Meeting – Held on Thursday 29th January 2015

At Lynton Resource Centre

Present:   Sarah Stapleton (Practice Manager), Dr Glen Allaway, Grace Cleverdon, Trixie Fry, Diana Gray, Sharon Hobbs, Quita Holsgrove, Lorraine Jenkins, Norma Ley, Suzie Sinden (Chair)

 Item 1:       Apologies for Absence

Bryn Howells, Andrea Davis

 Item 2:       Welcome from Sarah Stapleton

Sarah thanked everyone for attending the meeting and for the warm welcome she had received at Lynton Health Centre. Sarah explained her background and how she very much looked forward to working with the GPs, Health Centre Staff and Patients in continuing the good on-going care offered at Lynton Health Centre.

 Dr Allaway explained that over the coming months the patients may see changes in how the Practice operates. The Care Quality Commission is responsible for ensuring that Health Centres are run effectively and have issued guidelines and standards that need to be maintained. It is anticipated that as we have had a change of building, change of Practice Manager and change of Lead Partner in the past twelve months that we will have a visit from the CQC in the next few months to check that we are adhering to all the guidelines. The changes that may be brought in are meant to improve patient care and it is hoped that the changes will be seen in a positive vein. This will mean some changes to how the Reception Team work and their duties.

 It is hoped that with Sarah’s background in managing change that we can make any changes as smoothly as possible

 One change that will be seen shortly is the introduction of a Patient Log In Screen. This will mean that when patients arrive for an appointment they can check themselves in rather than having to wait for the Receptionist to do it. It is hoped that most patients will use this screen but the Receptionists will still be able to check in those who are unable to use it.

 Item 3 Minutes from the Previous Meeting

The minutes from the meeting of 21st October were circulated prior to the meeting and the Chair signed these as correct.

 Item 4        Matters Arising

4.1              Flu Jab Uptake

Dr Allaway advised the group that the Practice had ordered a similar level of vaccinations as in the previous year and that uptake had been good with a higher total number of vaccinations being carried out. Dr Allaway explained that it was not standard practice now to write to people to advise them that Flu Vaccinations were available; however there were various posters and notices around the village and on the website updating people.   The Practice however did try and ensure that all those in vulnerable groups such as those with COPD were contacted to make sure that everyone in these groups who wanted a vaccination could come along to one of the flu clinics.

 Item 5        Scones!

Sarah explained that plans were being finalised regarding the celebrations for Dr Frankish Retirement.   It is hoped that on Dr Frankish’ last day there will be the opportunity for patients to be able to come to say their goodbyes and thank yous. The League of Friends will be assisting the Health Centre in the provision of Cream Teas for everyone on this day.   Sarah commented that everyone at the Health Centre will miss working with Dr Frankish but it is hoped that the new working patterns for Dr Allaway and Dr Maria and the addition of Dr Blundell to the team will mean that patients will not have any problems accessing GP appointments.

 Item 6        Telephone Prescription Requests

Dr Allaway explained many practices no longer accept prescription requests by phone and explained that this method of communication for repeats could be potentially dangerous as drug names may be misheard and dosages may be wrong.   In line with other practices, Lyn Health will not be accepting repeat prescriptions via the phone from April.

 Notices about this change are on our website, in the Chemist and the Health Centre and have also been put in the local news magazines such as the Lyn Valley News.

 It was suggested that perhaps this information should also be put in the community section in the North Devon Journal.

Dr Allaway explained that the easiest ways to obtain repeat prescriptions was to register with the Health Centre to do requests on line, to drop in a repeat slip to the Health Centre or to liaise with Lynton Chemist who is now offering a repeat request service. He also explained that if a patient is stable on their medication and regularly just orders the same medications that the Doctors will also for some patients be able to preauthorise repeats for a period of time which means that the scripts will automatically be issued by the Chemist when they become due.   Should a patient’s medication change then this will be intercepted and only valid medicines will be issued.

 Item 7:       Facebook Page

Sarah explained that the Practice is looking at ways in which we can communicate with the patients. One idea being considered was that of a Facebook Page. The Patient Group whilst not against the idea of a Facebook page were a little concerned about people putting inappropriate comments on the page and also about how this would be used and who would benefit from this method of communication. Sarah explained that the Facebook Page would be used as a way of communicating information and pointing people in the right direction for information rather than as a forum for views on the Health Centre. It was also felt that a Facebook Page may be a way of giving information to the groups of patients who are sometimes difficult to engage with such as teenagers. Sarah agreed to investigate this idea further and report back at the next meeting.

 Item 8:       Health Centre Website

Sarah explained that she felt our Website was at current underutilised and that it could provide much more information for our Patients.   Sarah asked if the Group could consider what points of information they would like on the website and how we could better utilise it.

 Item 9        GP Holiday Cover

Dr Allaway explained that Dr Jonathan Blundell had now joined the Practice and would be working every Wednesday. Dr Blundell will also be working here for holiday cover.   In addition there may be occasions when another doctor will come to cover holidays. Dr Allaway reassured the Group that GP cover would be maintained throughout the year and that during the times our two main doctors are on holiday the surgery would still have doctor cover and patients would be able to book appointments and be seen by a GP.

 Item 10      Health & Social Care Meeting

Norma Ley explained that a meeting had been organised by Senior Voice at the United Reformed Church for 26th February. It was hoped that the meeting would bring together the Voluntary Groups in the Area and showcase all the ways that people can join in and socialise. It was hoped that the showcase would be of benefit to our more aged population to show how they can continue to be active and make friends and benefit from a Network of People in the neighbourhood.

 Item 11      Memory Cafe

Trixie explained that the Memory Café was currently on hold. It was felt that whilst there was support and advice available to people that it had been difficult to target those people in the community who would have benefited from the Group.   It was felt that if the Group restarts that the choice of venue should be researched to see if somewhere could be found that was thought to be on neutral territory but accessible to as many people as possible.

 Item 12      Any Other Business

Item 12.1    Late Appointments

A comment was made by one member of the Group that they felt that when they had a later appointment that it had felt rather rushed. Sarah noted this comment and said that this would be fed back to the GPs but did reiterate that if a patient came to an appointment that all appointments are treated in the same way and that the Doctors do regularly see people in the early and late slots.

 Item 12.2   Police Advice on Scams

Grace explained that the Police have set up advice for Watching Out for Scams. There is a special leaflet for the Elderly explaining about the danger of Scams. Grace advised that the Police are being very proactive on this matter and are willing to investigate any scams. There is a Poster that is being put up in the Surgery with advice on this.

 Item 12.3   AGM Details

It was noted that the Group is due an AGM and that it may also need a new Secretary. Sarah advised that this will be discussed at the next meeting.

 Item12.4    Lydiate Lodge

It was reported that the staff at Lydiate have applied to set up a Not for Profit Group. They have put a proposal together to take over the running of the facility as a private facility. They are looking to offer ancillary services such as hair dressing. They have also set up a Domiciliary Care Group who will offer care in the patient’s home similar to Sanctuary Care.

Lydiate are now awaiting feedback on their Proposal for a Private Facility.

 Item 12.5   North Devon District Hospital Update

Suzie advised that the Hospital is now publishing a Friends and Family Score to show how well they are performing. In addition, the Hospital reports that they are meeting their planned targets on budget figures, however, Suzie advised that their planned targets do not necessarily match the levels recommended by NICE.

 Suzie further reported that the CCG have not gone ahead with a policy which prevented people who smoked or had a BMI above a pre agreed level having an operation. It was noted, however, that people are being actively encouraged to reduce their BMI levels prior to an operation and also being advised to reduce or quit smoking due to the hazards involved.

 Item 13.     Date of Next Meeting

Thursday 16th April 1.00 p.m at the Health Centre.

 An agenda for the next meeting will be sent out a week before the next meeting date.  If anyone has any items for the agenda they should be sent to the Chair Suzie Sinden. Suzie’s email address is: [email protected] or you can drop in something to the Health Centre.