Local Shared Record

Patients have told us they don’t want to have to tell their story every time they see a different doctor, nurse or visit hospital or A&E; this can be stressful and takes a long time.
The reason patients have had to do this up until now is because every health and social care organisation holds a different set of records about them.
The Local Shared Care Record project will enable us to bring together your information and present this to the professional caring for you, but only once they have your permission and if your GP practice have agreed to enable this.

How it works
The Local Shared Care Record securely connects different medical and care computer systems together.
When your records are requested, it collects the information from the different systems and shows the information to the requestor. None of the information it collects is stored and none of it can be changed. Because it collects the information only when it is needed, the information is always accurate and as up to date as possible.
Before any information is collected or displayed to a care professional, that professional must have your consent to view your record. Your consent is recorded on the system so that we know exactly who has accessed what information and when. The GP who holds the original record can see who has viewed it and that you have given consent.
The Local Shared Care Record uses the secure NHS network to retrieve the information and displays a read only view for the care professional to use to support the delivery of care at that specific point in time.

What information will be shared?
The shared record will contain a summary of the most up-to-date, relevant health information which includes things such as:

    • Recent diagnosis and test results
    • Allergies
    • Medications and treatment
    • Any current or past (and significant) illnesses
    • Encounters and referrals

What does it mean to you?

For you, the shared care record means that you have:

    • Joined up safer care
    • More time spent on your care
    • All of your information in one place

All of which adds up to safer and better care for YOU!

Who is involved?
At the moment, there are four NHS organisations involved in the shared care record. NHS NEW Devon CCG GP practices that have opted to enable information sharing, Northern Devon Healthcare NHS Trust; Devon Partnership NHS Trust and Devon Doctors Ltd (GP Out of Hours Service).
Not all care providers can view the Local Shared Care Record. It is only available to the care organisations in Devon that have signed up to the system. NEW Devon CCG will be rolling out the Local Shared Care Record in Devon ensuring that patient confidentiality is maintained at all times.

How do I found out more?
The leaflet ‘Making your health record work better for you’ provides the most important information about Local Shared Care Records. You can get a copy from reception at the Surgery or download it below.
There is also have a  frequently asked questions (FAQ) sheet that may help you in understanding more about this new system.  The questions have been designed to provide general information about your medical records, as well as specific detail relating to the new Local Shared Care Record. You can get a copy from reception.

For more information on how your medical records should be managed you can also visit the NHS Choices website.

How is the local shared care record in Devon different to Care.data and the national Summary Care Record?

Both Care.data and the national Summary Care Record are separate and national initiatives which are not connected to the Local Shared Care Record in Devon. For more information about the national initiatives you can visit the NHS Choices website.

You have the right to stop information that identifies you from being shared, locally and/or nationally, outside your GP practice.


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