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We are only be able to offer specific vaccinations for your travel requirements, which are free on the NHS. These are subject to availability and consist of – tetanus, diphtheria and polio combined vaccine, hepatitis A and typhoid.

Prior to booking any appointments for vaccinations you will need to find out what is required for the country (or countries) you are visiting. The nursing team are qualified to administer these vaccines but cannot give specific immunisation advice on any other vaccines.

To do this please visit website Our Patient Services Team will be able to give you a printout of your vaccination history.

If you require any of the above vaccinations please make an appointment with the practice nursing team, allowing a minimum of 8 weeks before travel. We will be unable to administer any of the vaccines within 8 weeks of travel.

For any other vaccinations that are not available on the NHS, including anti-malarial tablets, you will be asked to make other arrangements. Many of the larger chemists and supermarkets now offer travel vaccination services, particularly Boots and Lloyds, Pharmacies.

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