Lyn Health: Joining Symphony Healthcare Services (SHS) FAQ

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Why is Lyn Health joining with SHS?

The surgery has been looking at options to support a sustainable future for some time now. We (Dr Allaway and Dr Mastrantonio) are still very committed to the practice, but are the only partners.  The functioning of the practice relies on our good health and also at some point in the distant future we will want to retire. Difficulty recruiting partners has already been demonstrated across the country given the decline in number of GPs as well as a preference for a different way of life compared to the traditional GP partnership model. When we began conversations with SHS we felt that the vision and values of the organisation were aligned to our own and would provide the current partners, staff and patients with the best stability and support over the years to come.

Will this change the service at the practice?

No, if anything we hope that over time this will enable more or enhanced services for the benefit of our patient population.

Will I see a different GP?

The current staffing of the surgery will remain the same and therefore if you need to see a GP, then Dr Allaway, Dr Mastrantonio and Dr Rogers will continue to provide care to the patient population.

Does this mean the current GPs are leaving?

No! Now that we (Dr Allaway & Dr Mastrantonio) have found a sustainable solution, our intention is to remain at the surgery for the foreseeable future. As many of you will know, we are attached to the community and as such, we look forward to continuing to provide care to our patients.

Who are Symphony and are they a private organisation?

Symphony Healthcare Services (SHS) is an organisation that was originally set up by Yeovil District Hospital NHS Foundation Trust (YDH) to support GP surgeries in need. Since its establishment in 2016, SHS has taken on a mixture of surgeries (both struggling and successful) to ensure high quality, continued care for each practices local population. To this date, SHS remains a subsidiary of YDH and therefore has complete NHS ownership. In addition, SHS provides practice services with the same contracts as any other GP surgery. For more information on SHS, the attached/accompanying document provides further information.

Do I need to do anything?

No, patients are not required to do anything.

Where do I go if I have more questions?

If you have more questions, please submit them to: or write to us at the surgery. We may then add these to our FAQ to help other patients too.