Covid Vaccination Update 22nd February 2021

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This latest update is aimed to try and answer some of the comments and confusion around the latest Covid Vaccination invitations.

By way of clarification I would like to confirm that the Practice has no control over the groups of people invited, the destinations they are invited to attend for their vaccines or when, the type of vaccine they have, nor even when the clinics will be as this is dependent on vaccine deliveries.  We are instructed by the National Team (NHS England) and our local Commissioning Group (NHS Devon CCG).    These instructions change on a regular basis (sometimes even daily) hence why you might feel you are getting conflicting information.   Devon CCG, on occasions, is going outside the national guidance when they feel it is appropriate to do so but unfortunately these instructions do not always reach practices in a timely manner.  The Government has a target to vaccinate all over 50’s by April and this is what our teams are all working really hard to achieve.  You will be contacted either by the surgery via text or telephone call, or by a letter from NHS England.  We cannot advise when this will be.  Our staff are working really hard to make sure you get your vaccine as soon as possible and that no vaccine goes to waste, either by contacting you or working at the Vaccination Centre in Barnstaple, in addition to their normal duties.  So as frustrating as it may seem to you please be kind and patient as we are all doing our best under extremely difficult circumstances.    Lynton also has a fantastic team of volunteers who are working tirelessly to assist people in getting to their vaccination appointments if they are struggling to do so.  If following this update you have any specific queries then please do not hesitate to contact us.