COVID Vaccination Programme

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Update 7th January 2021.
Many of you will have heard on the news today that GP Surgeries are now vaccinating patients using the Oxford Vaccine. Whilst this is true in some parts of the country (and some sites in Devon) these sites have been registered by NHS England to deliver the vaccination programme. As this is a new vaccine there is a lot of legislation surrounding how it can be administered and where. Whilst we know the best and quickest solution to getting people vaccinated is at local surgeries it may be some time before we are able to do so. The mass vaccination clinic at Barnstaple is gaining pace with more deliveries being scheduled. Again we have no influence over this and are just told when they will be arriving, with very little notice. Lynton is very much involved in this programme and our patients are being vaccinated in order of priority but it is going to take some time. We are also aware that not everyone is able to get to Barnstaple or feels comfortable in doing so as we are in a lock down but please be reassured that we have a lovely group of volunteers willing to provide transport so if you are offered an appointment but would struggle to get there please let us know. The site operates with every precaution being taken to make it as safe as possible. We appreciate this is very frustrating and we all want to get the vaccinations done so that we can get back to some kind of normality and we are working hard to achieve this given the parameters we have to work in. Patients will be phoned with an appointment so please do not contact the surgery. Thank you for your patience and understanding.